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Do you like it tight? real tight. Then anal sex is for you. Do not be afraid to broach anal sex with your girl friend. She may want to try something new. Butt fucking can be a lot of fun. Promise to take it slow and easy with lots of lubrication. You might want to take the edge off first. Lay down and let her help you out. She can give you a nice slow blowjob or a quick hand job. Once you cum it will be a lot easier for you to be as slow and easy and in control as you promised. Take your time now. You have to get her heated up. She should be damn near in a frenzy before you begin to poke her anus. Do whatever it takes before you approach her nether regions to get her hot. Eating pussy is always a good way to increase the sexual tension. She will love it and make her ready. When she is red hot turn her over on her belly. Slowly put the head of your cock into her butt. very slowly ease it into her. If there is the slightest drag, withdraw and increase the lubrication on your cock.

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There are ways to make Anal Phone Sex more than fun. It can be a fulfilling experience. All that it takes is a little time and preparation. Unless you have very deep pockets you are going to worry about spending too much money. If you treat Anal Phone Sex as a hobby then you are ahead of the game. It costs to go bowling, take in a movie, or spend time in bar. Anal Phone Sex as a hobby also costs, but not more than you would spend elsewhere for entertainment.

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